RFID Attendance System

Automatic attendance system inbuilt with RFID TECHNOLOGY, The automatic system is consisting of three parts RFID Cards, Attendance Machine and attendance software/ App. This is very easy and feasible system for students and schools, the RFID CARD will convert into ID Cards and it is used in attendance system. While this ID card touches in the attendance machine, attendance is automatically updated in the software and parent will receive the attendance notification by text sms or notification.

Attendance Machine:

This machine is able to read the circuit of the id cards and recognize the students while they the cards. The machine will show the name and class of the students and confirm their presence. This machine stores the attendance data and update on software.

RFID Cards:

It is digital card inbuilt with the internal circuits; this card is provided as normal ID card and designed properly by lanyard, Printing, lamination and card holder. It will look as complete id card and it is allotted to each student in the software so that whenever they will touch the card attendance will update in the software.

Attendance software/App:

Software shows the list of students and their in/out time. School can view the report class wise and also their present/ absent record date wise. It is very easy to analyse the attendance data through this software. The app will show the attendance record to parents and will get to know through notification or text sms.